Let’s look at some Weird Traffic Laws from Around the World. If you thought that the United States had a monopoly on strange traffic laws, and Australia just has so many traffic laws, check out these Weird Traffic Laws from Around the World. There are weird and strange traffic laws on every continent. In this infographic, we’ll share some of our favorites with you.

Did you know that traffic officers in South Korea are required to report any bribes that they accept? Or that in Nigeria, it’s illegal for a private car to be painted “army green?” Sometimes a traffic law just makes you think – like how it’s illegal to leave your car keys in an unattended vehicle in Australia.

*The featured image is an artwork on Sydney Harbour

How many incidents needed to happen for that law to be passed, do you think? Take a look at these and other weird traffic laws below.

Weird Traffic Laws from Around the World

Weird Traffic Laws From Around the World

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