Visit Vancouver for a Perfect Weekend Getaway. This beautiful city is in British Columbia and remains one of the most beautiful and popular places for couples wanting to have a romantic weekend getaway.

As you go up Burrard Street Bridge, you will see Vancouver in all of its splendor. This is where the mountains, the sea, and the architecture present you with the first taste of what is to come. Vancouver sits within the fabulous Coast Mountain Ranges and is made for romance.

Vancouver for a Perfect Weekend Getaway

Exploring the City of Vancouver

Downtown Vancouver is situated on a peninsula in the Strait of Georgia, and the oldest part of the city, Gastown is an area of restaurants, galleries, and shops in stunning Victorian buildings. This is also where romantic couples should stay to be in the middle of the action. Vancouver also has modern architecture that works well with the old.

Vancouver for a Perfect Weekend Getaway

The city of Vancouver has a lot to offer for those who want to get to know the area better. In Vanier Park near Burrard Bridge, you will find the Museum of Vancouver which highlights Vancouver’s history. Within Queen Elizabeth Park is Little Mountain, which is the highest point in Vancouver and offers expansive views over this very attractive city.
At the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, you can enjoy performing arts such as ballet and opera. For a unique evening, the Commodore Ballroom is a perfect place for you to soak up some beautiful music while watching talented performers or to dance a bit if you like. If you are a sports lover, you will find sporting events such as hockey at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver.

Another attraction is the world famous Capilano Suspension Bridge, if you want to test your love for one another.

Vancouver for a Perfect Weekend Getaway

So Much Natural Beauty

Many things bring travelers to Vancouver, but one of the main ones is the natural beauty that can be found everywhere around you here. While staying in Vancouver, you will have plenty a chance to get out and about and to enjoy the beauty around you. Stanley Park is a public city park and one of the biggest in North America, and well worth exploring. Kitsilano Beach is a favorite meeting spot for locals and visitors, with its many beach front cafes. Check out Neverland Tea Salon in Kitsilano for a really lovely experience.

Eat the Finest of Delicacies on a weekend escape to Vancouver

Vancouver for a Perfect Weekend Getaway

Food is a major draw card when you have a weekend getaway in Vancouver, and particularly a romantic weekend away. The city is very multicultural, and you can find cuisines from all over the world. The Oakwood Canadian Bistro, Kingyo Restaurant serving Japanese food, the Via Tevere Pizzeria, and the L’Abattoir Restaurant are all perennial favorites.
With its picture postcard perfect appearance, and cosmopolitan vibe you will find that Vancouver is the perfect place for a weekend getaway. ..particularly for lovers.

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