Who wouldn’t want to go Sailing In The Whitsundays in Queensland Australia. There are 74 islands in total, and they are very popular amongst tourists who love to sail. Since the Great Barrier Reef surrounds the islands, the waters are perfect for sailing. Many of the islands are uninhabited, so they are a beautiful place to explore the uninterrupted beauty of nature.

Sailing In The Whitsundays in Queensland Australia

The Great Barrier Reef

With the Great Barrier Reef close by, many visitors will enjoy the magnificent views of natural landscapes and marine life. While sailing near this area, people can take the opportunity to scuba dive or snorkel and see the Great Barrier Reef up close. There are multiple coral reef species as well as thousands of different marine life species to see while vacationing at the Great Barrier Reef.

Sailing In The Whitsundays in Queensland Australia

Sailing In The Whitsundays

The largest island in the group is named Whitsunday Island. Anyone who is sailing near Whitsunday Island can dock their boat at either the port of Airlie Beach or the port at Shute Harbour. Whitehaven Beach is located on Whitsunday Island and is known as a very eco-friendly beach. The beach is 7 kilometers long, and the sand contains 98% silica. The silica is what gives the sand its bright white color. Visitors to the beach can walk easily on the sand because it does not get as hot as the sand on other beaches. At the northern end of the beach, guests will see Hill Inlet. This is a cove where people can see the tides shift the sand and water to create a beautiful fusion of colors and designs.

Sailing In The Whitsundays in Queensland Australia

Visit Airlie Beach when you go Sailing In The Whitsundays

There is a good reason that there is a main port located at Airlie Beach. There is so much for the numerous tourists to see and do in this area. Visitors are encouraged to walk to the local shops and boutiques on Main Street before relaxing at the Airlie Beach lagoon for the remainder of the day.

Sailing In The Whitsundays in Queensland Australia

See a Rainforest

Cedar Creek Falls is a short distance from Airlie Beach and visitors can enjoy a walk through a rainforest that is filled with white cedar trees, wild orchids, butterflies and birds. The waterfalls are surrounded by a rock amphitheatre and most hikers stop to enjoy a dip in the pool below the falls before relaxing on a rock and enjoying the sun.

You have to Eat when you go Sailing In The Whitsundays

The Whitsunday Sailing Club is a fabulous restaurant that is located on Airlie Beach. People who are sailing can dock their boat at the port and have a delicious dinner on the waterfront balcony with a view of the entire beach. They have an extensive menu of Australian dishes.

Where to Stay on the Whitsunday Islands

If sailing is not your thing, then there are some amazing places to stay near the Whitsunday Islands

Sailing In The Whitsundays in Queensland Australia


A good game of golf is available to everyone who is sailing in the Whitsundays. A quick stop at Dent Island will allow even the best golfers a challenge on the greens at the Hamilton Island Gold Course. The course utilizes every ridge and valley in the area to create obstacles for a fantastic game with spectacular views of the Coral Sea and the surrounding islands.

Sailing In The Whitsundays in Queensland Australia

While sailing in the Whitsundays, people can get the best of both worlds. They can have the peace of the water while on their boat and the accessibility of many islands for different adventures while off of their boat. This vacation is perfect for people who have only a few days or people who have a few weeks. There is a lot to see and do, and people can choose what they want to do during the time that they have available.

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