Ireland is shrouded in myths and legends, fairies leprechauns and just plain storytelling, and one crazy activity you must put on your “to do list” is to visit the magic roads of Ireland or the gravity hills. The Magic Roads are roads that defy gravity.

If you place your car in neutral, turn the car off, then the car will roll up the hill of its own accord. It’s true because we did it.

These magic roads are in quite remote locations because that is where Irish magic happens. There are three magic roads or gravity hills in Ireland. We have added to GPS coordinates to help you find the magic roads in Ireland. You will find them in Comeragh Mountains in County Waterford, Cooley Mountains between Dundalk and Carlingford, to Benbulbin in County Sligo.
It’s crazy, but you should do it, and try and figure out why when you stop the car and let the handbrake off, the vehicle will mysteriously and eerily roll uphill.

Where are the Magic Roads in Ireland?

We share where these magic roads are in Ireland, and the GPS coordinates to help you find them


Magic Roads in Ireland

The magic road we did, is not actually in the city of Waterford. It is in Dungarvan, about 50 minutes away. Head towards Mahon Falls, in the beautiful Comeragh Mountains. You will see a big rock with ‘Magic Road’ written on it. Just a little past the Magic Road Rock, on the left, is a tree, known as the Fairy Tree of Ireland, and that is where you start the experiment

And yes, as this clip shows, if you stop your car in the right spot it will proceed to roll uphill… a magic road in Ireland, to be sure, to be sure

GPS COORDINATES: 52.215811,-7.529755



After you have paid your respects to poet W.B. Yeats grave at Drumcliff Cemetery, in County Sligo, and enjoy the eeriness of this area; you need to head northeast to Ben Bulben to find the next magic road of Ireland. Watch for the Dullahan, the Irish fairy most active in rural parts of counties Sligo

Magic Roads in Ireland
GPS COORDINATES: 54.371809,-8.393984


In County Louth, and on to the stunning Cooley Peninsula is a loop between Dundalk and Carlingford. This is where US travel writer Andrew McCarthy, asks many locals for directions fairly fruitlessly, but then shows you his awe and amazement at what happens on this magic road.

magic roads of ireland

GPS COORDINATES: 54.02237 -6.29178

What is the reason that this happens on the magic roads of Ireland?

The Magic Roads of Ireland have to do with magic, fairies, leprechauns and a bit of crazy gravity, that can only happen in the land of the many myths and legends. But this time it is true, the magic roads exist. Try it; it is crazy, weird, and fun.

Are there magic roads in your country? Let us know in the comments.

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