Kia Orana means Hello in the Cook Islands language, and will be the first thing that you hear when you go Exploring Cook Islands in the Oceania region.

This tropical island in the South Pacific is one of the very friendly islands, that offers blue lagoons, balmy tropical days, and an introduction to the friendly Polynesian people. Your opportunities are endless on this paradisical island. From surfing to shopping, eating and

Where are the Cook Islands?


The Cook Islands are located in the South Pacific, between New Zealand and Hawaii. They are very closely linked with New Zealand. The archipelago’s 15 islands are situated between French Polynesia and Samoa. The Cook Islands are surrounded by stunning blue oceans, pristine white beaches and back dropped by lush and verdant tropical rainforests. This is some of the most beautiful scenery in the South Pacific.
The capital of the Cook Islands is Avarua and is situated on the Raratonga island while the island of Aitutaki is the second most visited islands and the setting for a number of movies. Both islands are exceptionally beautiful and exactly what you envisage as tropical paradise – a delightful choice for the romantics.

This is island time in the Cook Islands. It happens when it happens This island makes you de-stress and enhances the enjoyment of life at a slower pace.There is a lot of accommodation to suit your needs on Cook Island.


Rarotonga and Aitutaki are the main tourist destinations, and this is where many guests will spend their time.

Exploring the Cook Islands Cultural Village

Arorangi is a small village on the west side of the island of Raratonga. The Cultural Village in situated in five acres of tropical gardens. Here you get to find out about traditional island life, and see demonstrations in typical island life activities like coconut husking, cooking, dancing, and Maori bush medicine.


Umiakaki feasts on the Cook Islands

The hospitality of locals and the experience of a feast cooked in an umu (earth oven) is one of those unforgettable Pacific moments. The Cook islanders live by the motto, “we live to eat, not eat to live.” The Umiakaki feast will involve singing and dancing as well as feasting, and if you are invited to one, you can be assured it will be a memorable feast.

Explore The Churches

The Cook Islanders were converted to Christianity and now revere their churches and priests – a sought after position on the islands. It is worth watching as they attend church in all of their finery and to see the abundance of flowers that decorate these churches. What however is the most awe-inspiring aspect, are the choirs and the congregation singing – this is just intense and well worth a visit.

Visit the Markets and go shopping

The Te Punanga Nui market is held Saturday morning and is the highlight of the week for the locals as well as the visitors as it is a social meeting place for all of the different islands to come together. They sell fruit and vegetables, flowers, and craft items and the exquisite black pearls that the island is noted for. The markets are a must do, and is it accompanied by singing, drumming laughter, food and fun.

Participate in Water sports


The marine life off the low-lying atolls is amazing. There are many opportunities for fishing, snorkelling and diving. There are many small tours that take you on trips. Eat, drink, swim, walk, and just enjoy
Just say Kia orana when you are exploring the Cook Islands.

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