Of all the places in the United States that you could visit, exploring Washington D.C. stands out from the rest as a unique destination for travelers, mainly because of its significance as the capital city of the United States of America.. You will be overwhelmed by the many things to see and do around the city. An easy way to get your bearings is to take the hop-on, hop-off bus, which takes you past every great and significant monument.

Exploring Washington D.C.

Exploring Washington D.C.

Washington D.C is the seat of the U.S. government and was named in the honor of the nation’s first President, George Washington. The size of the city means that there is much fun and adventure to be had for travelers coming from far and near to explore the city that stands proudly as the capital of this great country.

Exploring Washington D.C.

Amazing Sights and Monuments

Because Washington D.C. has played such a big role in the history of the United States, there are many sights and monuments around the city that give you a look into the glorious past. Some of the most famous of these sights include the Washington Monument, built to honor George Washington, the Lincoln Memorial, dedicated to the President who fought hard to end slavery, and the Jefferson Memorial, built in the honor of one of the countries distinguished founding fathers. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial, nearby the Washington Monument is another not to miss spot while visiting D.C. This monument stands in memory of the heroes who fought in the Vietnam War. Other war memorials can also be found around the city.

Exploring Washington D.C.

Discover American History

If American History interests you, there is no better way to learn about it then by visiting the nation’s capital. Some places to visit to learn more about the country include the White House and United States Capitol where you will learn a little bit about how the United States government works. Other places to check out to discover America’s history include the National Museum of American History, the National Museum of Natural History, and the National Archives Building.

Fun Attractions around the City

Along with all the amazing sights to see, Washington D.C. also has some really fun activities and attractions to offer. The National Zoo, one of the oldest in the U.S., is an admission free zoo with lots of animals to see. The zoo along with many other city attractions that are part of the Smithsonian Institution make this city a fun place to visit for travelers of all ages.  The National Air and Space Museum and the National Aquarium are just a few more exciting places to visit.

Exploring Washington D.C.

Prepare for Your Stay

Exploring Washington D.C could take weeks, but it is achievable on a weekend. Before coming to D.C. it is best to plan ahead for your weekend, and not try and do everything.  For your stay you will find many great accommodation options based on your needs including some amazing 5 star hotels. During your stay you will have your choice of cuisine from many different restaurants offering delicious food. There are also plenty of amazing malls and shops around the city where you can purchase a few souvenirs or go on a shopping spree so be sure to prepare ahead of time.

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