Finding the Best iPhone 6 Wallet Case is a bonus. One of the biggest problems for male travelers is having enough pockets to store the things that you need regularly, and these would be your phone and your wallet. Finding shirts with sufficient pockets in never easy, and storing everything in your jeans pockets becomes a pain in the butt .. literally.

It is very convenient to carry your credit cards, and ID cards with your iPhone, and a JimmyCASE iPhone case with card holder is the answer. A point in the case was when we were recently skiing in Nozawa Onsen, Japan.

iPhone 6 Wallet Case

Advantages of iPhone 6 Wallet Case

I was able to put my money and cards in the elastic custom woven strap, and ski without the bulkiness in my pockets.It can carry up to six cards and even keys without losing any elasticity, making it a true iPhone 6 Wallet Case.

There are many instances when you just want to carry your phone and the contents of your wallet, in one handy location as this wallet iPhone case provide. It is handy for playing different sports; when traveling; for busy entrepreneurs, and for a night on the town. It nearly eliminates the need for women to carry a handbag.

The JimmyCASE is a bespoke product that proves that less is more. The design appears simple, yet undoubtedly the company spent a lot of time making sure it was user-friendly, ergonomically friendly, highly practical and looks good also. These wallet iPhone cases are Made in the US, and are assembled by hand by skilled artisans in East Los Angeles, California, hence the sticker on the back, that says “hecho en los angeles” –made in Los Angeles.

The JimmyCASE has a robust mahogany back plate, silicone bumper and woven elastic wallet pouch for your cards. They do not fall out, but nor are they a pain to get your cards from. There are many color combinations that you can select from, and this has made them popular with different teams, and business companies.

iPhone 6 Wallet Case
The product has received considerable attention from the media, including CNET, MacWorld and was named by GQ as one of the 9 COOLEST THINGS IN THE WORLD THIS WEEK

VERDICT of iPhone 6 Wallet Case

Our verdict – easy, cleverly designed and am recommending the JimmyCASE iPhone 6 Wallet Case…


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