We look at How to spend 48 hours in Paris, particularly for first time visitors, and most definitely for romantic couples. This will give you a taster of this most beautiful city in France, and some excellent Paris travel tips. The City of Love also known as the City of Light has long attracted artists, poets, and lovers and it still does not disappoint. Planning your time is important so that you get a very real understanding of this city, and why people fall in love with Paris, the capital city of France. This is a 48 hours in Paris itinerary.

Things 5 things to See and Do in 48 hours in Paris for travel couples


1. Visit The Louvre Museum


48 hours in Paris

The Louvre was originally built and used as a palace but is now known as one of the best museums in the world. It is the largest museum in the world. The big drawcard for many people is Mona Lisa, a painting by Leonardo da Vinci, which was purchased by King Francis I and is one of the great pieces you’ll see at this museum. The museum itself is all about art, art, art. If you want to see more museums and art galleries in Paris, click the link.


2. Explore Notre Dame Cathedral


The Notre Dame cathedral is one of the most beautiful churches in Paris. It is an excellent example of Gothic architecture and is quite distinctive in appearance. The figures carved in front are fantastic. Look for the headless man.

3. Admire the Arc De Triomphe


This arc was built to celebrate the victories of Napoleon in 1806 but was not completed until 1836, long after the famous emperor’s death. This Arc celebrates the battlefield warriors of France who commanded during the reign of Napoleon.

The design of the structure is yet another fine piece of art in the city. A must-see for history buffs, and it is iconic to Paris.


4. Wonder at The Eiffel Tower


The Eiffel Tower is synonymous with Paris, and you are unable to miss – literally. The 300-meter tall structure remains one of the tallest towers in the world and is visible from every part of Paris. The French and Parisians love the Eiffel Tower. There are regulations in place in the city of Paris so that no tall buildings may be erected that might obscure the view of the tower from any location within the city limits. Of an evening there is a light show and it is beautiful. Did you know that tourists w are breaking the law because taking photos of the Eiffel Tower at night or sharing images on Facebook is ILLEGAL. (source)


5. Do the Montmartre Walk


48 hours in Paris


The back streets of Montmartre will keep you entranced. Montmartre is the bohemian area. You can climb or ride the cable car up the hill to the Basilique du Sacré-Coeur de Montmartre where you can look over the beautiful city of Paris. There are many bars and cafes that will you tempt you to sit and watch Paris.

There are many tours you can take in Paris, including many where you skip the line at some of the popular places, like the Louvre. Check for some great tours here



What to Eat in Paris

48 hours in Paris

Croissants, snails, baguettes, cheese, wine – the list could be endless. You need to stop at a coffee shop and watch the Parisian world go by. We recommend Cafe du Centre Paris, which is in the 2nd arrondissement and one of our favorite places in Paris and located on one of our preferred streets, Rue Montorgueil.

48 hours in Paris

If you are after a beautiful lunch or dinner in Paris that won’t cost you a fortune; L’Ecluse Restaurant and Wine Bar in Madeleine, Paris is the quintessential Parisian cafe, where the food and wine paring is perfect. Try the confit duck. Read about it here.

Le Sabot Rouge Montmartre Paris while in the touristy Montmartre area is nevertheless a place to have bread, cheese, and wine and watch the artists in Place di Tertre in Montmartre, Paris.


Where to Stay in Paris

48 hours in Paris

Paris is divided into 20 districts called arrondissements. Paris really is set out like escargot. The arrondissements spiral out from the center of Paris beginning with the 1st and going all the way through 20th. It is easiest to stay in any of the first six arrondissements as they make it easiest to get around.

Hotels Combined searches multiple websites to give you the best price.


How to Get around during your 48 hours in Paris

48 hours in Paris

Explore Paris On Foot

While you can explore a lot of Paris on foot, to get to some of the further arrondissements (or districts), you will need to catch the Metro.However, some of the most iconic sites in Paris, are all in the center like the Louvre and Notre Dame Cathedral.

Take the Paris Metro

The easiest way to get around Paris is by taking the Metro, and you will find that many of the Metro stations are works of arts in themselves.

Ride a Bike (Velib)

There are many Velib bikes stands around Paris. This is an excellent way to see the city. Pick up a bike and drop it back anywhere you see a Velib bike rack, and they are everywhere. Check here for details.

48 hours in Paris

Spending 48 hours in Paris for first time visitors, will give you a taster of this most beautiful city in France. We hope you enjoy 48 hours in Paris what to do, and remember it never hurts to get lost in the city of Paris too.

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